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Jackie Herzlinger

Temple Sha'arey Shalom Newsletter
The Scroll - March 2018

The American Nursing Association has a specialty practice now called Faith Based Nursing. In the past it was known as Parish Nursing. Our practice in Springfield began seventeen years ago with generous grants from the Healthcare Foundation. Each of our three synagogues signed agreements to support this practice. Your nurses are RNs with a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. We each have specialties in other fields also, which makes the general practice we do here strong. Congregational Nursing is about the ongoing transformation of the faith community into a source of health and healing for all its members.

At Temple Sha'arey Shalom we have served clients over four hundred times, all confidentially and under the radar. Often concerns come to us from distantly located family members. Sometimes neighbors and friends alert us to problems. Usually your clergy is involved but not always. We are a team that also includes an experienced social worker.

Nurses do formal assessments, visit homes, evaluate safety, refer to various medical specialties and alert 911 when we judge it is needed. We listen. We reflect. We suggest. We follow up. Most of all we support people as they try to muddle through and handle their problems. We do programs and screenings when requested. We never charge for our services. We do accept donations to the program for our services. Our nurses are paid through the program when the funds are available. Your program director has not accepted payment since the grants expired. Our current Board of Directors includes: Lois Kaish, Barbara Brown, Marjorie Grossbarth and Arlene Newman. Formerly included and of blessed memory were Robert Steinhart, Rena Graham and Sam Reiter. All of the above were involved in the original grant application.

We hope that Temple Sha'arey Shalom will continue to support this program.

Respectfully submitted,

Jaclyn Herzlinger RN and Andrea Cook RN

Congregational Nurses

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